Must-Have Communication Systems for Working Remotely

Nowadays, more people than ever work remotely. Even with pandemic restrictions lifting, increased numbers of employees and corporations are choosing to ditch the standard office set-up in favour of at-home or hot-desk working.

While this comes with many benefits for both companies and colleagues, including reduced company costs and enhanced work/life balance for workers, the at-home workspace must be organised correctly to ensure comfort and productivity akin to, or better than, what already exists in a traditional office.
With years of experience working on communication systems for all kinds of companies, here are our top picks when it comes to setting up a functional and efficient remote working system for your colleagues.


Cloud Based Phone Systems

While most companies have already invested in a cloud-based phone system, we cannot stress enough how important this is for streamlined and effective communication in the workplace. As the name suggests, cloud-based phone systems are hosted online and, therefore, can be used anywhere with internet access. Choosing a cloud-based option as your office phone systems ensures that your colleagues and clients can communicate from anywhere in the world, meaning that communication remains working brilliantly no matter what location your colleagues and clients are at. Like traditional phone networking solutions, cloud-based phone systems can make and receive calls, record calls, gather call data, set up voice recordings, and more.


Audio Video Conferencing Systems

The popularity of audio video conferencing systems has soared in recent years, and for good reason, too. Not only do video conferencing systems allow you to check up on colleagues in a genuine manner and allow you all to talk on a human, interactive, and face-to-face level, they also serve an important function in regards to collaboration. When an office meeting isn’t feasible, audio video conferencing services allows colleagues and clients to share screens and presentations, collaborate closely, and report findings in a more visual manner than a standard audio call would allow. Here at 2Tel communications we provide bespoke audio video conferencing systems designed to suit your company’s unique requirements.


Functional CRM & Project Management Software

Aside from obvious company communication requirements- like phone and video systems, ensuring that your company works off a streamlined CRM and project management software is a must, too. CRM software is designed to service companies who deal with clients or accounts directly, helping you to keep tabs on past conversations, actions needed, and reports where necessary. Similarly, project management software works as a kind of internal communications tool, allowing you to manage projects and reports for data, organisation, and scaling purposes. Combining both ensures that your company operations run smoothly on a day to day basis for management, colleagues, and clients alike.

When it comes to your company, communication is key- no matter what industry you’re in. What remote working system are you implementing in your home office?


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