Must-Have Communications Systems for Companies in All Industries

No matter what industry you work in, communication is key to helping your company to grow.

Whether you communicate with clients directly or simply need a durable internal communication system, investing in your company’s connectivity is a sure-fire way of investing in success and growth. While there are countless communication systems now available for companies to choose from across Ireland, with many being unique to certain industries, here are some timeless communication systems that the team here at 2Tel Communications believes every business should invest in.


High-Quality Commercial Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi system in your company can be the system that makes or breaks you as an organisation. Nowadays, almost everything happens online, including company growth and development. From general data entries to customer service and everything in between, most companies now use the internet as a vital part of their daily business operations. Here at 2Tel Communications, we recommend investing in a bespoke commercial Wi-Fi system for your company, tailoring speed and networking to suit your specific requirements as a business. Not only will this ensure that your team can keep up to speed with the online demands of your company, but also means that you don’t have to compromise on quality or reliability when it comes to your internet connection and overall Wi-Fi system. This is a must for any company.


Bespoke Commercial Telephone System

While over-the-phone communication has taken a slight back-seat compared to online communications, the advantages of investing in a commercial telephone system are second to none, especially if you work in a customer-facing role. Unlike expensive and clunky standard telephone systems, commercial telephone systems are designed to save you time and money while also giving you the ability to track call data, measure productivity, and scale company growth. From large-scale cloud-based telephone systems to smaller SIP Trunking set-ups, investing in a commercial telephone system that is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements is a great way of improving communication in your company for both your colleagues and clients


Video Conferencing Systems

For larger companies, or companies with more than one office, investing in a video conferencing system is a must. Unlike a standard telephone system, modern video technology can connect global offices and make for a more streamlined and clear method of communication between teams and clients. 2Tel Communications provides custom-build video conferencing systems designed to suit your company’s unique requirements, offering a range of accessories to make your video conferencing experience as simple and straightforward as possible. With options available to suit companies in all industries, as well as a variety of standalone accessories and parts for sale, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke Cork video conferencing systems that meet your needs perfectly.

Commercial Wi-Fi systems, commercial telephone systems, and commercial video conferencing systems are some of the best communication processes you can invest in, no matter what industry you’re in. What’s your company’s ride-or-die communication system?


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