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Cloud-Based Phone Systems

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Cloud-Based Phone Systems

If you have a small business, a cloud-based telephone solution could be the perfect addition to aid your internal and external business communications.
Cloud BPX (branch private exchange) telephone systems are business systems that are hosted in the cloud and managed by 2tel Communications Ltd. Unlike other telephone systems, which often have a large monthly fee, Cloud BPX is a pay-per-handset system that works out as more cost-effective for smaller businesses.
Our cloud-based phone systems offer all the main functions of standard business phone systems including inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, call recording, conferencing, voicemails, and more, but without the cost or complicated installation process. As well as this, our Cloud BPX telephone systems can integrate into a range of different business management systems to streamline your business operations for you, your employees, and your customers.
If you’re ready to centralise your business management, organise your company’s telecommunications, and have a fast, reliable, and high-quality phone system, why not call 2tel Communications Ltd now?

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Why Choose a Cloud Based Phone System?

  • Cheaper than Traditional Phone Systems

  • Fully Integrated Communications System

  • Centralised Business Communications

  • Hosted By a Third Party

  • Easy to Use

  • Perfect For SMEs

  • Flexibility to Scale Your Business Up and Down

  • Accurate Call Detail and Data

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Cloud Based Phone Systems FAQ

  • What is a cloud based phone system?

    A cloud based phone system is a business telecommunications solution that hosts your company’s phone system on a third party cloud and allows you to centralise all business communications within the cloud using hand-help phones and computers.

  • What type of companies are cloud based phone systems suitable for?

    Cloud based phone systems are an excellent choice for SMEs as they are cost-effective and scalable while still having all the functionality of traditional phone systems.