PBX Phone Systems

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PBX Phone Systems

A PBX phone system, also known as a “Private Branch Exchange” system is an internal phone system that allows internal users to communicate with one another.
Hosted PBX systems are usually tailor-designed to suit your company’s individual requests, making them a popular choice for companies who need specific and/or niche communication requirements.

As well as taking internal and external calls, a hosted PBX phone system can manage voicemail, auto-answer customers, and record messages. It is a highly functional and reliable form of commercial communication.

Here at 2tel Communications Ltd, we offer professional design, installation, and maintenance of a range of PBX phone systems to suit your specific needs. From high-volume hotel and office phone systems to smaller retail and hospitality PBX systems, we have worked with countless clients across Cork to deliver PBX phone solutions that help to streamline day-to-day communication with ease.

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Benefits of a PBX Phone System

  • Tailor-Designed to Match Your Requirements

  • Easily Scaled Where Required

  • Internal & External Calls Managed

  • Ability to Manage Voicemail, Automated Messages & Recorded Calls

  • Cheaper Than Traditional Phone Lines

  • Ability to Connect Multiple Office Locations

  • Options for All Industries

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PBX Phone Systems FAQ

  • What is the main function of a PBX phone system?

    The main function of a PBX phone system is to manage internal and external calls. These systems can also connect multiple office locations, record calls, customise voicemails, and record automated messages.

  • What is the difference between PBX and VoIP?

    PBX is a commercial/office phone system that uses traditional phone lines and analogue switchboards while VoIP systems use the internet to manage calls.

  • Is a PBX phone system suitable for my business?

    This depends on your communication requirements, but generally speaking, PBX phone systems are suitable for most small, medium, and large enterprises. Get in touch with 2Tel Communications to discuss your requirements and see if a PBX system would be suitable for you.