Telephone Systems

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Telephone Systems

When it comes to your commercial phone system, what are you looking for? Unlike regular phones, commercial phone systems must be reliable, multi-functional, and business-friendly. 2tel Communications Ltd installs and supplies a wide range of commercial phone systems tailored to suit your business. Our clients come from all industries ranging from hospitality to law to customer service, meaning that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to our telecommunication solutions. We have a range of VoIP phones, traditional mobile network phones, and cloud-based systems, meaning that we will have something to suit your business’ needs, tastes, and price-plans. After installing the perfect commercial phone system in your business, the team at 2tel Communications Ltd offers comprehensive customer training and support, meaning that you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to your phone system.

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Our Telephone Systems Include:

  • Grandstream
    Grandstream is a giant in the commercial telecommunications industry, and for good reason too. Our Grandstream commercial phone systems are cutting edge, with fully integrated voicemail, audio visual systems, IVR, conferencing, call detail recording, IP voice telephone, and more. These systems are fantastic for large businesses who need a multi-faceted phone system.
  • Panasonic
    Our Panasonic telephone systems are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a hybrid telephone system to enhance your existing infrastructure as a medium-large sized business. Our Panasonic systems are equipped with traditional PBX analogue and digital circuits and offer integrated audio visual functions, voicemail, conferencing, call detail recording, phone call recording, and more.
  • Zycoo
    Zycoo is quickly becoming a leader in the commercial telephone business, known for being extremely beneficial for hospitality and customer-focused industries due to its integration with software such as Hotsoft, Fidelio Opera and other PMS. Alongside its fantastic integration, this brand offers all the same features as Grandstream and Panasonic including voicemail, IVR, audio visual systems, conferencing, IP voice telephoning, and call detail recording.

As well as our phone sets and phone system installation, 2tel Communications Ltd provides high-quality, comfortable headsets for customer service industries and call centre clients.

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Our Telephone Systems Are Suitable For:

  • Hospitality

  • Customer Service

  • Call-Centres

  • E-Commerce

  • Financial Institutions

  • Healthcare

  • Lawyers

  • Travel Agents

  • Real Estate Agents

  • SMEs

  • Freelancers

  • Food and Drink Industries

We provide a range of top-quality Cork phone systems suitable for companies in all industries

Telephone Systems FAQ

  • What type of phone system do I need for my business?

    The type of phone system you need will vary depending on what your business needs from its telecommunications system. 2tel Communications provides expert advice on our wide range of commercial telephone systems for all industries.

  • How much does it cost to install a new commercial phone system?

    The price of installation for a new phone system varies greatly depending on the size of your business and type of phone system purchased. Call 2tel Communications for a quote on our commercial phone systems.

  • Where can I find someone who offers commercial phone system installation near me?

    2Tel Communications is a Cork commercial phone system installer offering phone system design and installation to customers across Cork city and county.

  • Should I invest in a cloud-based phone system?

    For high call volume companies, investing in a cloud-based phone system is a fantastic way of tracking data and managing call volume. That being said, traditional commercial phone systems can work better for industries with a lower call volume.