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Video Conferencing

2tel Communications Ltd provides top-of-the-range video conferencing solutions for commercial clients in Cork and Munster

Video Conferencing

As your company expands to become global, investing in high-quality video conferencing solutions becomes a necessity. 2tel Communications Ltd provides state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions for businesses in all industries, including software, screens, monitors, cameras, handsets, headsets, and units. Our team of professionals can offer expert advice and recommendations on the best video conferencing solutions to suit your business. We also provide full installation and maintenance services, and continued customer support following your change over to our video conferencing solutions.
Our video conferencing units make it easier for you to connect with employees and customers all across the globe, saving you money on travel costs, reducing your carbon footprint, and ensuring that everyone in your office feels connected- no matter where in the world they are.

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What are The Benefits of Video Conferencing?

  • Connect to Your Clients Around The World

  • Host Meetings With Employees Across The World

  • Save Money on Travel Costs

  • Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

  • Quick, Easy, and Clear Communication

  • Optimised Meeting Attendance

  • Quicker, More Structured Meetings

  • Cheap Communication Solution in the Long-Run

  • Allows Employees to Work From Home

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Video Conferencing FAQ

  • How much does it cost to install video conferencing software and equipment in a business?

    The price of video conferencing software and equipment varies depending on your business’ needs. Call 2tel Communications for a free quote on our video conferencing software and equipment.

  • Is video conferencing a good way of hosting meetings?

    Yes. If you have a global team of employees dotted around the world, video conferencing allows you to communicate effectively together in meetings, saves on travel costs, and also allows your employees to feel more connected.